We bootstrap new products, build teams, and guide high risk projects.

Our Story

We have a broad and diverse range of experience solving intractable problems in software and product delivery.

Jeff and Brian have been working with design and engineering teams for over 20 years, working with market innovators in advertising, e-commerce, gaming, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, and custom software.

We understand that what you need are experienced guides not expert advice. Our unique approach begins by appraising an organization’s capabilities to deliver, to communicate effectively, and to align on clear outcomes.

Brian Brian

Brian Jeremy Kupetz

Brian often performs platform architecture audits and oversees complex migrations and at-risk projects. Additionally, Brian strengthens organizations through growing teams and expanding capabilities.

Previously: SVP, Deutsch; Interim CTO at multiple

Jeff Jeff

Jeff Hackert

Jeff is a coach and mentor to leaders at every level, helping teams to improve their approach to product development and software delivery.

Previously: VP Engineering at Soylent; Engineering Manager at Riot Games

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